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Vicki Turner


Vicki Turner is business leader, experienced in a variety of industry sectors and with a reputation for delivering with passion and professionalism, Vicki designs her programs with the client and message in mind, and has assisted 100’s of people - in business and career development, individuals looking for greater success in their work and personal lives.


Coachingplus was established in 2007, culminating over 30 years experience in business management and ownership with 12 years in the personnel industry. Vicki has owned and operated eight different business including an employment agency, retail and hospitality entities.

My Mission

Becoming a trusted and integral part of my client’s personal and working life, working together to provide advanced, ethical and totally professional coaching services and tools tailored to their unique needs, and where quality is always the result of high intention, sincere effort and skilful execution. Vicki says “I am here to help my clients move forward on the things that matter most to them.”

Privacy Policy

Any and all information supplied by you will not only be treated with a degree of professionalism, but also in the strictest confidence, and in no circumstances released or knowingly made available to any third party.  At Coachingplus we not only respect, but protect your privacy.            



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I ask people all the time, would you rather be magnificent or ordinary at work? Everyone chooses magnificent. 

I don’t get anyone choosing ordinary! And, yet do we regularly get magnificent behaviour at work? No, we don’t. I think it’s because of the way we treat people.”




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"People don’t necessarily want to ‘have a vision’ at work. They want to be part of a team that’s fun to work with, and that produces results they are proud of.” Peter Senge



People have a reservoir of talent worth discovering. They just have to be given the opportunity to discover it in themselves.”



“You need to praise eight times more than you criticise to get people to move along an agreed path.” Stephen Covey



“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.”Maya Angelou

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