4 Day Diet e-book $55

Four days of low-caloric, low carb, high protein eating that will blitz off the pounds in less than a week! It’s easy - kick start a new longer diet, use in the middle of a longer diet, when your want to get into swimsuit mode, to turn weight gain into a loss before anyone notices! 
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Crash-Detox Plan  $69.00
The detoxification of your system is a most important goal of any health rejuvenation or weight-loss process. It's cleansing and it's imperative. By keeping your body toxin-free, you significantly increase your chance of having a comfortable body weight, because excesses of toxins in the body are the forerunners of obesity. To lose weight, the secret of success is getting rid of the toxic wastes and excesses we carry around. Ask me for a fact sheet 03-55617443 or email me at

12 Week Eating Plan e-book
  $ 69.95

I call it an eating plan, not a diet, because there is no measuring or weighing food, no counting calories. Just follow the food suggestions using fresh produce – fish and lean meats, fruit and vegetables. There are no fad foods, just plain old fashioned eating. Most importantly, this eating plan works scientifically and is; perfectly safe, easy to follow and inexpensive


So if you need to lose the extra kilos you gained over the holidays (don’t we all?) and now that the kids have gone back to school, (phew) feel free to call me and have a chat about how I can help you. 
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Health & Vitality Weightloss Program e-booklet  $ 299

Everything you need to know to improve your health, lose weight and regain your energy and zest
for life.  Bonus # Personal coaching as your diet progresses.
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For a Resumé with impact! 
To get the job you want in this fiercely competitive market, you need the sophisticated tools and skills available through Coachingplus.

Our service is much more than a formatting service, we let others do that . . .
We provide professional, crisp, clean and elegant presentations, making it easy for potential employers to quickly assess your capabilities and the value you could bring to their organisation.

Our documents - talk in your industry language, address employer's fears and concerns, reduces risk, are written from an employer's perspective, uses targeted words and phrases, adds more value by focussing on your skills.


  •  Downtowner Resume - short work history / student
  •  Professional Resume - trade / white collar  
  •  Curriculum Vitae - professionals / managers / executives   
  •  Application letters - composed
  •  Selection Criteria - prepared 

Call 0417 529 533 today to schedule a time to discuss your needs and how we can best help you achieve your objectives. 
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Interview Techniques Guide e-book  $149
If you are looking for your first job, returning to the workforce or planning your next career move, this interview guide will reveal the secrets to landing a great job. Includes worksheets and examples.

My New Job Survival Kit e-book 

Contents: Introduction & history; research; compiling your Resume; write a covering letter; prepare a selection Criterion; send the application; prepare for the interview; behavioural interviewing
techniques; 12 key questions; the final step; worksheets.

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Gift Vouchers from $55 
For all coaching services and products.
Your voucher includes one free # coaching session normally valued at $125

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Ask me how you can benefit from your bonus, 
when you purchase one of my products or services.


(30 Minutes Via Phone)
Is Coaching Right For You?



"As a Career & Life Coach, I provide the structure, tools, models and perspective to help you accomplish more in your work and life.



Business and Life coaching is a goal orientated; results focused professional alliance that helps you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be."

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"As your plan progresses, I'll work with you to review your progress and identify the contributing factors twhich may be holding you back from your endeavours.

I'll help you develop the positive behaviours and habits that will enable you to achieve your goals."
Vicki Turner - Career & Life Coach


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