Redundancy Program
Supporting those facing career transition

Most redundancy programs happen at short notice and involve ongoing uncertainty about the numbers and seniority of employees needing outplacement services. 
At Coachingplus, we recognise that employers need outplacement support that is flexible, affordable and sometimes, in place before the bad news leaks out. They look for realistic advice on the best ways of using
the available budget to provide high quality outplacement support.
About the Programs
Each program is tailored to the needs of the individual, or group, and is an intuitive blend of coaching, counselling, training and mentoring support, with the aim to send the participant off feeling confident that
they are armed with all the sound advice, skills, and techniques needed for their next important career move.
Programs can be packaged from 6 to 18 sessions of one-to-one coaching, depending upon the participantsí need, timeframe and level.
The coaching is provided at my home-office or delivered in-house where appropriate, and typically can provide personal exit, mediation and counselling interview, within the coaching support framework.

Coaching within the Outplacement Program
Professional coaching is a confidential, one-to-one working relationship, providing individual guidance, challenge, support and skills training to individuals or groups. Participants clarify their vision, sharpen their focus on critical issues, set breakthrough goals, and acquire the skills and tools needed to produce excellent results, and experience greater fulfilment in their work and lives.
Program Benefits

 Organisational Benefits      

          Assists in a successful transition of a restructure and . . . 
  • Eases the stress and trauma for managers handling the termination
  • Employees feel valued and helps maintain morale for remaining staff by demonstrating fairness and concern for those leaving
  • Increases the likelihood of increased productivity amongst retained staff by 100%
  • Raises "Employer of Choice" credentials50% more likely to increase profits compared with companies who do not use Outplacement services
  • 25% less likely to be faced with separation-related litigation
  • Sends a powerful message to the rest of the organisation and community
Participant Benefits
          Provision of a safe environment to discuss the emotional impact of losing a job offering . . . 
  • One-on-one exit, mediation and counselling interviews within a coaching support framework
  • The opportunity to engage in professional career analysis
  • Identification of individual strengths, interests, values and aspirations
  • A deep discussion on future career opportunities Vs self-employment
  • Networking strategies - both online and offlineProject managed and structured job-search planning and implementation
  • Training in Interview techniques -includes a 34 page resource booklet
  • Preparation of CV, covering letters and selection criteria
  • Development of  skills to add value (soft skills)
  • Restores confidence and self-respect
  • Enhances and develops transition of life skills and teaches individuals how to manage their own ambitions and future careers
  • Reduces the length of time to make the transition to a new career
  • Provides an opportunity to re-assess their own strengths and weaknesses
  • Psychometric Assessments by a Career Psychologist
  • Financial planning and budget advice with a qualified Financial Consultant   
Overview of Programs 
Downtowner Program
This program is ideal for those who know exactly the role they are looking for next. Working one-on-one basis with the career coach, this program provides the practical help, support and guidance needed to secure a new role in a highly competitive job market. This includes preparation of a CV, help with covering letters and addressing the selection criteria, interview techniques, and a variety of job search strategies.                                                  
Executive Program
This program is for individuals who would benefit from a career review and analysis, an exploration of their career options to bring greater clarity and focus to their job search. Help and guidance is then provided in all aspects of the job search and marketing and branding processes in both off and on-line. Managing career transition and dealing with uncertainty and change. It includes personal development and all the key elements of the Downtowner outplacement program.
Quantum Program
This high-powered program provides the support, guidance and practical tools to help individuals make informed career choices regarding their next career move and then achieve their desired career situation as quickly as possible. Transition to consultancy or self-employment, business start-up advice and support. It includes all the key elements of the Downtowner outplacement program.
Initial Diagnostic Meeting
Before starting any program, we'll arrange for an initial discussion or meeting to run through the participantís career situation in depth, and recommend the specific elements of the program that will give the best value, and of course answer any queries. This is free of charge, without obligation and part of our code of practice. Itís important that the participant feels comfortable working with the coach and will be fully committed to the program.


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