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                  Everything you need to know to improve your health, lose weight                              and regain your energy and zest for life.


My Health & Vitality Program has been created for men and women of all ages who desire to be healthy.


It is a particularly enjoyable approach to healthy eating for a healthier life, which has the added benefit of being able to help you gain emotional and mental strength, and balance your weight safely, simply, and sensibly - without cutting calories!  And because it is based on natural laws, it will work for you.

It's a natural approach for people needing assistance in balancing their physical, emotional and mental concerns. These concerns, when balanced (or in harmony) reflect health, fitness, wholeness and well-being.


The Health & Vitality Program provides health promoting information, on-going support, and the tools and strategies to keep you motivated, committed and accountable to the health and life goals you set for yourself during your first session.


The Health & Vitality Program consists 5 major components

The program provides health promoting information, on-going support, and the tools and strategies to keep you motivated, committed and accountable to the health and life goals you set for yourself during your first session.

      1. Natural Hygiene Principles
      The first component is an eating plan incorporating a new approach or 'way of eating' where
      you become slim through eating, without giving up too much and where tedious calorie 
      counting, self-denial or excessive sacrifices.

      The health science system called Natural Hygiene is a set of principles to apply in your 
      everyday life to achieve and maintain optimal well-being, vibrant energy, and freedom from 
      illness - and permanent weight loss. And, because it is based on natural laws it will work for

      2. Personal Coaching

      The second component is the one-on-one coaching process which consists of 12 individual  
      coaching sessions over 12 weeks, designed to allow you to continue to make and maintain 
      gains made through the Natural Hygiene approach. It includes regular weekly and bi-weekly 
      group and personal support to keep you motivated and on-track.

3. Health & Nutrition Workbook 

      The Health & Vitality Weightloss Booklet contains scientific-based success strategies to break 
      the yo-yo dieting cycle for good! It contains all you need to know, along with a meal planner, 
      meal starters, eating guidelines, recipes and more.

      4. Personal Lifestyle Journal
      Understanding your mind and your body is a strategy to reach your health goals. Use the  
      journal to record what is happening in your life every day. Reflect back on your day, how you 
      felt, what went well, what happened to distract or sabotage your efforts. Understanding    
      what is happening allows you to take control and for yourself. Through your experiences you
      will be able to take a different approach, employ a different way of thinking and a different 
      way of eating - so that dieting becomes un-necessary and obsolete.

      5. Communication and Support
      You will have my personal email address to which you can write as often as you like with
      questions or updates on your progress. I always aim to reply personally within 24-48 hours          
      to each and every email. I do this to ensure the best possible results for you.

      Your personal coaching sessions are designed to help you address any concerns you may
      have, which may include your weight challenges, dealing with people in your life or balancing 
      work and life. Whatever issues you wish to improve or manage better - it's your choice.

Compelling reasons why working with a Health Coach is a good idea

      A coach provides a sounding board for new ideas and better decisions
      A coach gives you honest and unconditional support
      A coach will help you set the goals you truly want and help you achieve them
      A coach makes sure you achieve a work/life balance and fulfilment
      A coach helps you gain greater clarity of vision that you cannot achieve alone
      A coach focusses on the big picture not just parts of it. Coaching is holistic.

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Before you embark on yet another diet, take a look at the principles it promotes.

Ask yourself these questions.

Is the diet sustainable in
 the long term?

 Does it provide the  
 nutrition you need?

Is it designed to meet short-term goal or is it meant to be a life-long change?

Have you tried and failed 'fad' diets before?

Do you have the discipline
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Are you hooked on 'low-fat
no-fat' foods?

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