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Vicki Turner
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Are you getting interview knock-backs?
Your CV is dull and boring and needs a remake!
Stuck in a career rut and no longer challenged?
Feeling un-inspired by the way your career and life is going?
Seeking a new direction, but not sure what that is?

You know it’s time to make a change.

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Our Core Services

Coachingplus provides an intuitive blend of coaching, training and mentoring services.

  •       Career Management - Entry Level, Transition, Growth
  •       Job Seeker Services  - CV s Resumés,  Applications,  LinkedIn, Interview Coaching
  •        Outplacement Program - Supporting those facing Job Separation
  •        New Business Start-up - Coaching, Training, Mentoring
How can coaching help you?

Working with a qualified and experienced career and business coach helps you focus on ways to improve elements of your life that are most important to you.

Coaching is a professional relationship that helps people produce extraordinary results in their lives, careers and businesses.  It inspires a higher level of thinking and understanding, clears blockages to performance, creates a new awareness and insights.

The essence of coaching is positive change.

               My 4 stage coaching program begins with  . . .

  1.      Career Aim  What is your goal, direction, purpose  and commitment?
  2.    Reality Are the things you continually focus on bring joy, success, connection, growth
  3.      Obstacles What is holding you back and why?
  4.      Options  What possibilities are there? What action could be taken?

Career Management

Take action toward a fulfilling career

 Working with your very own Career Coach, you'll discover more about Who your are, What you want and Why you want  it. Then, together we plan a strategy of how you're going to get there. Coaching will help you feel alive and confident by bringing your life into alignment with your values, strengths and purpose.

Career Management Programs

  • Career Kick-Start
  • Career Transition
  • Career Growth
  • Life Coaching

Job Seeker  Services

  • Professionally written  and presented . . . . 
  • CVs and Resumés
  • Selection Criteria
  • Tailored Cover Letters
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Recruitment & HR Documentation

Outplacement Program

For the discerning employer

Ease the stress and trauma of staff termination and ensure a smooth transition for the  out-going employee.

My outplacement program is tailored to the needs of the individual, with the aim of sending them off feeling confident that they are armed with all the advice, skills and techniques needed for their next important career move.

Working one-on-one with an experienced Career Coach, this program provides the practical help, support and guidance needed for the participant to secure a new position in a highly competitive job market. This includes preparation of a CV, help with covering letters and addressing selection criteria, interview techniques, communication skills and job search strategies.

At Coachingplus, we recognise that employers need personal outplacement advice and support which  is flexible, affordable and sometimes, in place before the bad news leaks out. 

Coaching | Training Mentoring

Coachingplus helps to challenge you to break through your fears and apply proven strategies that are designed to empower you to make the decision that will forever change the quality of your life, your health, your career, your  time, your business.

  • Discover what's possible for you now!
  • Master the job interview
  • Bounce back from career set-back into a job you love
  • Find a job in the hidden job market
  • Regain control of your career
  • Build your brand and use social media to get noticed

Change doesn't have to be hard. Learn to understand, choose and do those things which willdrive your success.

New Business Startups

Let’s get started and build the business of your dreams.

 If you are thinking about starting a small business, but don't know where to begin, my coaching program will work alongside you to take you through the essentials. 

I'll cover the key steps; from initial assessment, your suitability to run a business, financing your idea, identifying opportunities and so much more. You’ll also receive lots of hints, tips, advice and ongoing support whilst establishing your new enterprise.


As a career coach, I work with clients from all walks of life and all career stages, from students and graduates through to managers and executives. My diverse experience sees me working  clients in private and community sectors from all industries and backgrounds.

Job Seeker Services
  • Curriculum Vitae $240  managerial/executives
  • Professional Resumés $180  trade/office
  • Downtowner Resumé student/short work history
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Tailored Cover Letters
  • Selection Criteria
  • Document writing and editing

Interview Techniques

Build your confidence and increase your success rate at job interviews.

As your Coach, I am an expert in the field and have a wealth of experience across a variety of industries. Vicki has extensive knowledge of current recruitment practices, including behavioural-based interviewing techniques. Participants will be helped to prepare, practice and perform more effectively at interviews and stand out from other applicants of equal ability.

Bounce back from a career set-back

This program is for individuals who are dealing with uncertainty and change, and would benefit from an exploration of career direction and options, to bring greater clarity and focus to changes in their career.

My New Job 

You need a new job – and a good one!You’ve been doing everything you know how, but it isn’t working.

 If you know you have a lot to contribute but you aren’t sure how to convey it to potential employers - then this program is perfect for you.


What others say about my services

  • Dear Vicki, this note is to acknowledge the ‘fine example’ you have demonstrated to me. I appreciate how you have taught me about vital life lessons! In turn, I’ve been able to recognize areas I need to develop in my life. Thank you very much for your professionalism and giving personally to me. With all my best wishes, Gabrielle Leslie. Community Services
  • Personal coaching made me realise that I was floating along without direction – wondering why I wasn’t getting what I wanted, like many others. I now have an understanding of the foundation drivers in my life, as a result, I’m now setting goals (proper one’s) to get me moving towards what I want out of life.’ T. Finneran, Project Manager

  • I contacted Vicki as I am wanting to get back into the work force after taking time off to raise my boys. To be honest I was feeling quite unemployable. After spending time talking with Vicki and seeing the finished product I am very happy and now feel like I have lots to offer a prospective employer. I am very impressed with the work she has done and grateful for the  encouragement she has given me to take this next step. Megan Boult, Travel Agent
  • Hi Vicki, Got the interview! Monday, Port Melbourne, very attractive package, maritime logistics role. I can’t believe this is finally happening. Thanks so much for your guidance and diligence. This would not be happening without you. Simon Gordon, Marine Logistic

  • I am sending you this in appreciation of the results that I have been able to achieve in my career since using the resumé that you prepared for me, and the coaching that you gave me during that process. I am convinced that without your assistance I would not have had the opportunity to be interviewed for these five positions, so with my wholehearted admiration and respect that I thank you for the great work that you did for me and the confidence that your coaching helped me to gain. Les Harrison. Manager
  • Improving my CV and my addressing of the selection criteria and letter of applications, helped me to think more deeply about areas that require improvement and to think from the employers’ perspective rather than a self-centred point of view. The sessions have been paced perfectly for my situation and requirements. It made me think more about what I was trying to achieve and the message I was trying to convey to prospective employers.Nicola Laurence , Marketing Manager

  • I was looking for a new career direction and needed a professional resumé that would be noticed by employers, as well as help with cover letters. After going through my work history; Vicki presented me with a ‘knock-you-over’ resumé that gave me the confidence to put myself forward. With my very first application, I was offered an interview and the job, although they hadn’t even advertised yet. Thank you Vicki, I owe you my new career. Lindy Hirniak, Retail Manager

About the Coach

Vicki Turner MIPC

Career Coach | Trainer | Mentor

Vicki Turner is a passionate and energetic Career Coach, operating Coachingplus, an intimate and successful coaching practice. Every day, Vicki coaches, teaches and mentors her clients for career development, direction, transition, performance,   goal achievement, health and wellness and new start-up business. Vicki has a wealth of business experience gained from 30 years’ working in sales, marketing and human resource areas. She has consulted to, trained, coached, recruited and worked with senior and front-line leaders from across a wide variety of industry sectors within the Warrnambool region.

Following the sale of her recruitment agency, Vicki was again inspired to set up a career and life coaching enterprise to help clients achieve their potential in their work and life. Known for her expertise and with a reputation for delivering with passion and energy, Vicki has helped many individuals and organisations take the next step towards improved performance.

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